As It Would Happen

As It Would Happen

I began ORU in the fall of 1988 and lived in Claudius 6 (Yellow) that first year. Like many other students I had work study jobs and 2 of them my first year was in Financial Aid as well as cleaning the offices at OREA. One of my good wing mate friends and fellow FA co-workers asked me to apartment sit with her  one particular weekend for a couple who lived in Louisiana but were originally from my home state of Virginia. As it turns out, the couple had been financially supported by an older couple who lived just 1 hour away from my hometown in Virginia who were personal friends with Oral and Evelyn (he would drive Oral to and from tent meetings). Because the student couple was leaving at the end of that fall semester, the donor couple asked if they knew anyone from Virginia, a girl, that they could help with her tuition. That girl was me. This couple ended up sowing into my education $500 that winter semester, $750 each semester the following year, and $1000 each semester my final year at ORU. When I graduated, I was asked to nominate a female student from Virginia, and I gladly introduced another wing mate of mine to this family, and as far as I know, they supported her during her time at ORU.  My family and I have remained friends with them all these years and they have been long time supporters of my dad’s missionary work in Central America.

I believe that the Lord ordained my steps down to the very wing I was assigned in order to put me in the place to meet the people involved. This testimony has opened doors for me to minister the power of seed faith, listening to God, and pursuing dreams. My time at ORU were some of the best days of my life. I am so thankful for the privilege I had to experience college there.

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  1. Balancy said: February 11, 2016 8:13 pm

    What an amazing group of young poplee .It is so encouraging to see such a large group of poplee investing in their walk with God. We are excited for the friendships you will build and the insights you will gain into God’s plans for each of your lives. Enjoy every day you spend on this journey we are excited for each of you, and praying for your time away.Doug and Dale