Dr. Ronald Lee Cobb

I transferred from Sacramento State Graduate school of History to Oral Roberts Graduate School of Theology and studied here from 1968 to 1969. Those two years changed me dramatically. I had read the entire Bible through as a new Christian but the emphasis on miracles and healing was new to me. Years later after retiring from 30 years as an Army chaplain I was diagnosed with bone cancer. God completely healed me. I have been an ordained Christian minister 46 years and have never once seen God abandon me. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit has led my life all over the world. Every person I have helped find Christ or seen filled with the Holy Spirit I know that Oral Roberts and ORU have a significant hand in that victory. The faculty of the Graduate School of Religion were the best I ever had and I say that with two masters degree and a doctor’s degree and as a graduate of the United States Army Command and General Staff College. Thanks be to God for healing a young man of tuberculosis and raising him up among the loving people of Oklahoma to bring words of healing to the world.