’07 – Praying for Oral in Christ’s Chapel

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  1. Amber Earls said: March 9, 2015 11:00 am

    Do you see the girl on the right in the purple sweater? That’s me, and this was one of the most surreal moments of my life.

    After Chancellor Roberts and Pastor Billie Joe Daugherty had spent the chapel in a Q&A format, Chancellor Roberts said, “I need someone to pray for me.” At first, there was this heavy silence, and then we (the students) looked at each other saying, “Wait- did he mean ANYONE? ANYONE can go and pray for Oral Roberts?”

    So, we just rushed up to the stage, one by one, all of us with our hands outstretched, like one unit. I think one of the students from the worship team actually did pray for him, but for all of us to a) be praying on one accord and b) for Chancellor Roberts to open up the altar for ANYONE to pray for him (for me, that’s the biggest factor of all) showed and proved (still proves, actually) that we here at ORU are a family. I am as related as an alumna of 2007 to an alumna of the inaugural class.

    All of us are connected; we really are each part of this huge and special family.