Jon Beran, MD

I am a family physician who graduated ORU in 1971, starting in 1967-8, the school’s 3rd class.  What possessed me to go to ORU when my goal was medical school I don’t know as ORU was as yet unaccredited.  I guess “Expect a Miracle” took root in me.  I knew the school was working hard at meeting standards and was following the process.

I applied to med schools my senior year and remember getting a very flat envelope from the Univ of Illinois College of Med (my home state).  I knew it contained thumbs up or down.  I felt deflated b/c I figured an acceptance notice would be in a fat envelope with other school info included.  A flat envelope would be a single page rejection notice.  Nervously I went to the empty TV lounge on the first floor of the men’s dorm to open it.  I was accepted!  I ran to show the letter to Dr. Thurman, head of the Natural Science Dept., and he virtually leaped over his desk to shake my hand.  He called in Dr. May also and then sent me upstairs to show Dr. Carl Hamilton, Dean of Academic Affairs. (I had never been to the 6th floor of the LRC.)  Only later did I see my good news as a milestone, showing how hard the university had been working to create a recognized, high-quality teaching program.

Two weeks later President Roberts made the big announcement that ORU was fully accredited, sending the whole campus into joyous celebration.  I’ll never know if the admissions committee of UIC had researched ORU’s accreditation situation or if they never asked.  I’ll never ask.

To my knowledge Ed Burdick was the first ORU grad to get an MD in 1973, having first to go to OU grad school before applying to med school.  I was the first ORU grad to go directly to med school.  Chicago captured me, and I have practiced in a Christian medical ministry here for 36+ years.  But the ORU connection continued into the next generation.  My daughter, Rebecca, in 2008 came to In His Image family medicine residency for 3 years.  This program was headed by Dr. John Crouch, a former faculty member at the ORU School of Medicine with several additional faculty who were graduates of the School of Medicine.