Kenny Robinson – ORU Basketball

Great basketball was seen on the ORU campus in the 70’s. The Titans began the 1973-74 season with great expectations. The Titans were a national recognized top 20 team who entered the March Madness as an at large (independent) .  As the March Madness play began it was the ORU Titans as the underdog in most cases,  fighting their way to the Elite Eight and faced the Kansas Jayhawks in the Mid-west finals trying to make the Final Four.  Ironically the  game was played in the ORU Maybee Center on the ORU campus. This game was  considered  to be one of the most important athletic contests in school history. With 2.25 minutes remaining in the game,  the home team (Titans) lead the Jayhawks by 7 points.  The game was being broadcast nationally and this was a great day for ORU in the young private school’s history. The next few minutes  proved  costly for the Titans as shots were missed and the game went into an over-time. Kansas beat the Titans that night and with it took the hopes of all ORU Fans , World Wide, of entering the Final Four and the hope of bringing home to Tulsa,  an NCAA National Championship.

Kenny Robinson was recruited out of Imperial Junior College,  Ca  and joined a very strong Titan team with team mates representing states from all over the country,  with the talent to become a National Contender.  All ORU Fans everywhere were proud of their Basketball team that year as expressed by President Oral Roberts.

After graduation from ORU  Kenny began a long career in coaching,  at the High School Level,  College Level,  Semi Pro Level.  He is now retired living in Utah.  He has five children and has spent many years serving the youth in education.  He will always be grateful for the opportunities given him when recruited by Coach Ken Trickey and the Basketball program at ORU.

PS –    “To me we will always be ( The Titans ) ”

Kenneth E. Robinson