Lifetime Global Achievement Awards

Criteria for Selection

The ORU 50th Anniversary Lifetime Global Achievement Awards will honor individuals or organizations who have made a significant impact in the history of Oral Roberts University and in the world in positive ways as an extension of the university and/or its mission. Honorees must show or have shown outstanding excellence or deep impact in one or more of the following areas:

  • Intellectual Advancement
  • Spiritual Vibrancy
  • Physical Discipline
  • Social Adeptness
  • Professional Excellence
  • Global Focus
  • University Support
  • Healing Initiative


People eligible for the award must be:

  1. An alumnus and associate alumnus
  2. Former member of ORU’s staff and/or faculty
  3. Or a friend of the University
  4. Nominees must be living their lives in accordance with the standards and code of conduct upheld by ORU. Awards can be given posthumously.

    50 Lifetime Global Achievement Award Winners

    Seth Ablorh
    Daniel Amen
    Michele Bachmann
    Andretti Bain
    Lee Braxton
    James Buskirk
    Amick Byram
    Cardone Family
    Delta Cavner
    Mathews Chacko
    Don Colbert
    Phil Cooke
    Kenneth Cooper
    Daugherty Family
    Bernis Duke
    Ralph and Darlene Fagin
    Rick Fenimore
    Richard Fuqua
    Kathie Lee Gifford
    Mart Green
    Carl Hamilton
    Marilyn Hickey
    Scott Howard
    In His Image
    Bill Kuert
    Terry Law
    Dennis Lindsay
    Madeline Manning-Mims
    Stephen Mansfield
    J.D. McKean
    John & Ruth Merrell
    Don Moen
    Mike Moore
    Larry Wayne Morbitt
    Myles Munroe
    Laura Pratt Nelson
    David Osborne
    Paul Osteen
    Winnie Perdue
    Cindy Perry
    Ruth Rooks
    Bob Stamps
    Larry Stockstill
    Jim Stovall
    Clifton Taulbert
    Ted Timmermans
    Ken Trickey
    Frank Wallace
    Pansy Wallace
    Kelly Wright