Met the love of a lifetime

Having been saved an spirit-filled a couple of years before coming to ORU, I transferred as a Junior. Though a Psychology major, I joined the University Chorale because I liked singing. Jan Herrman, a gorgeous freshman from the other end of Virginia was up front, helping to direct things. I was smitten by her beauty and her wonderful spirit! We would ultimately be engaged, and then married after I’d graduated but while she was still in school. Almost 33 years later she graduated again, this time to Glory, having given birth to and raised three children, who in turn have produced four grandchildren. I certainly appreciate the education I received at ORU, and the amazing experience, but I am eternally grateful for it being the reason we came 1200 miles from our respective homes to meet in Tulsa.

I didn’t return to campus for a long time after moving out of state, but in recent years went back to establish a scholarship in Jan’s memory as well as her Mother’s, Annette Herrman. What a privilege to invest in promising young lives is music for all future generations at ORU!

Thank you to Oral and Evelyn, to the faculty and staff, to the scholarship donors and all of the others involved in providing a life-changing experience for Jan and me!

PS- All of you that I drove to the airport for breaks time and again- all that tip money you saved you can donate to ORU now! :-)

Don Eisenberg ’74 and on behalf of Jan Herrman Eisenberg ’76